Often the concept of “without gluten”or “without lactose” is considered for consumers who had had an intolerance diagnosed, but then why does the Gluten Free market grow in double digit, as the market survey conducted by the British institute Visiongain has shown?

As the report says, this trend is owed to the gluten sensitive, people with a specific feeling about gluten, but also and above all to the life stylers, or those who choose of their own will to feed with products without a certain ingredient, in this case the gluten or the lactose.

This is why gluten free products, once available only in drug stores, are now openly available in all regular stores, and end up on the tables of the Ho.Re.Ca section.

Aware of this need, Dolce Tuscia, a front runner, has decided some twenty years ago to build a company fully oriented to please this requirement, a requirement which moves in many directions: the absence of gluten, of lactose and towards the research for a  light sweet, healthy for all. For this purpose a research was started, together with the Tuscia University, to reduce sugar and cholesterol.

Thanks to Dolce Tuscia, it is possible for everyone  to enjoy a sweet in absolute freedom, no matter with what life style.

Dolce Tuscia with its  extremely high quality sweets offers the Ho.Re.Ca. section the possibility to please all kind of customers with an offer which gives everyone a true emotion and full pleasure.