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Camillo Tosi
Food Quality and Safety
Rizieri Tosi
Franco Tosi
Research and development


To make sure that a special care for health does not mean to give up pleasure, for his in the past twenty years we have worked intensively to study the best way to combine our choices with food requirements in order to allow everyone to enjoy the taste of a sweet with no concern.

For this, we devote the largest part of our production  to gluten and lactose free, and we have conducted with the Tuscia University a research which has as its first goal the important reduction of sugar and cholesterol in all of our products.

Do not give up taste, choose the right sweet.

Dolce Tuscia, Sweet freedom.



When we speak of our methods and our philosophy, many are surprised by the attention we set an every detail.

This comes because when we work we think of our customers. We don’t know faces and names, but we pursue the best way to give customers an emotion.

For this every thing we do is aimed at the moment our sweet product will hit the taste of those who will eat it.

We imagine the excitement in the view, the scent and, at the end, of the taste. And in addition, the surprise and the light feeling that this taste is connected to such a delicious sweet.

The dedication, the attention, the determination, the consistent desire to improve, these are the values we have expressed, as parents, to our children, with the perception that those who choose our products are part of our family.