Sweet freedom

Well, yes, there are companies that take care of wellness: desserts perfectly prepared with special attention to the tastes and needs of all, finally free to enjoy a high quality sweet with no worries whatsoever.

This is Dolce Tuscia, a perfect combination of taste, quality and salubrity. Ingredients which form a unique product that can, above all, please those customers who are forced to take a step back once they reach the dessert. Gluten and lactose free not only by necessity, but by choice, that to offer a product unique for quality, a special treat to enjoy with no reservation.



If there is a land which can tell an ancient tale, this is Tuscia.

Here every single corner speaks of the past, with origins tied to the Etruscans and all the following eras which it has experienced, up to unveil the new jewels of our time: a flourishing activity meant to emphasize its excellence, softly connected to the mystic red line of the Francigena route.

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“Free From” does not mean for us a loss, but an opportunity. The opportunity to give pleasure to those who are intolerant to lactose or gluten, but also that to offer a healthy alternative to those who wish to eat an excellent sweet at ease. For this purpose Dolce Tuscia has one of the largest productions of frozen sweets “gluten free”in Italy, an answer to the fast growth of this food intolerance worldwide and a steadily growing demand from consumers. Because of this our products have gone beyond the national boundaries to the tables worldwide thanks to the taste and quality which qualify our company.

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Often the concept of “without gluten”or “without lactose” is considered for consumers who had had an intolerance diagnosed, but then why does the Gluten Free market grow in double digit, as the market survey conducted by the British institute Visiongain has shown?

As the report says, this trend is owed to the gluten sensitive, people with a specific feeling about gluten, but also and above all to the life stylers, or those who choose of their own will to feed with products without a certain ingredient, in this case the gluten or the lactose.

This is why gluten free products, once available only in drug stores, are now openly available in all regular stores, and end up on the tables of the Ho.Re.Ca section.

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